(Jul 20, 2017)
What's next for the iPad project? Refactoring, it turns out.
(Jul 13, 2017)
We knew last Thursday that we had an issue with folders and folder names. A week later, we dig back in.
(Jul 6, 2017)
We really hope to get from end to end today. You won't believe what happens next. Unless you're paying attention.
(Jul 4, 2017)
Tozier and I shoot again for end to end on the iPad project. What happens next? As I write these words, I don't know either.
(Jun 30, 2017)
We're clearly closer than we were, and it feels very close. But not as close as we thought.
(Jun 28, 2017)
Bill and I decided to do a bit more on the iPad publication project. You won't believe what happened next. Unless you expect trouble.
(Jun 20, 2017)
Today Tozier and I will do a Quick Design Session and start TDDing something that will, I hope, turn into the actual app.
(Jun 16, 2017)
In which we suddenly realize something about Tozier.
(Jun 15, 2017)
Tozier and I start with some Ruby code for FTP or something.
(Jun 14, 2017)
Tozier and I try some things.
(Jun 10, 2017)
I'm told the iPad is the new Mac, or something. Anyway, it'd be nice to be able to write articles on the iPad and get them on my web site without lugging around my Macbook.
(Mar 6, 2015)
The conversion from XProgramming.com to RonJeffries.com is essentially complete. Let's look at some learnings.
(Feb 13, 2015)
Content from XProgramming has been moved to this site. Some brief retrospective thoughts.
(Jan 24, 2015)
As Tozier and I work on Scraper, I find the pairing to be quite difficult, though not unrewarding.
(Dec 16, 2014)
A report on what's going on behind the scenes, with a bit of info on how we have built and used plugins and templates. Major errors within!
rj.com ]
(Nov 27, 2014)
Some questions come to mind about creating articles for a static site. In particular, what about trips with only an iPad?
rj.com ]
(Nov 26, 2014)
We come up with a block tag plug-in that lets us display most recent articles, sorted lists, and so on.
rj.com ]
(Nov 25, 2014)
We finally got some testing going on up in our house.
rj.com ]
(Nov 24, 2014)
Today we made some good progress, including a plugin!
rj.com ]
(Nov 24, 2014)
We've been working on the XProgramming replacement project since late September, so let's talk about estimation.
(Nov 23, 2014)
Doing simple things with Liquid templates is so awful it makes me want to ditch Jekylll just to get rid of Liquid.
rj.com ]
(Nov 21, 2014)
A progress report, and some waffling. There's a lot of learning in a new project.
rj.com ]
(Nov 19, 2014)
Project Description as posted on github pages.
(Nov 17, 2014)
Progress report on the ongoing XProgramming rewrite.
rj.com ]
(Nov 16, 2014)
Report on working with page layout. Just notes.
rj.com ]
(Sep 26, 2014)
A record of some of the stories for the system.
rj.com ]
(Sep 22, 2014)
Note on an issue with the new site. Odd formatting.
rj.com ]
(Sep 20, 2014)
XProgramming.com needs a new implementation. Want to watch?