(May 10, 2011)
It is with some regret that I'm discontinuing my articles about J and about iLua on the iPad. Here's why. Also, I have a question.
(Jan 12, 2011)
No, really. This is hard. People ask me why I'm doing it. There are reasons ...
(Jan 10, 2011)
Just recording random discoveries as I work through the EasyJ book. Read if all that interested in how I think ...
(Jan 8, 2011)
To do J, you must change the way you think. You must also learn many new words and other parts of speech. Working on part one today ...
(Jan 6, 2011)
J is doing strange things to my mind. I must report now, before my thoughts are too alien to communicate at all.
(May 3, 2006)
June Kim posted a J Language version of bowling that is very vector-oriented. As an experiment, I coded up a vector-style version in Ruby, TDD of course. It turned out to be kind of interesting.