(Jul 27, 2023)
It's OK to care about programming. It's OK not to care much about what your company is trying to accomplish. No, really, I'm serious.
(Jul 17, 2023)
I'll record here short notes on things that I may choose to write more about in the future, on social topics. I plan to update it from time to time, and to change the date, sometimes.
(Jul 14, 2023)
I do not love that phrase, but I do love programming.
(Mar 9, 2022)
Here are just a few of the unsolicited favorable comments I've received about 'The Nature of Software Development'. Some drawings included.
(Feb 22, 2022)
Further thoughts on the river, the hill, and the nature of reality. I don't know why I wrote this. It's just here in today's part of the big integer.
(Feb 21, 2022)
A river flows rapidly down a hill.
(Feb 16, 2022)
Some day--and that day may never come--it may fall to you to write the most important program of your life. Here's one man's example of how to do that.
(Jun 24, 2018)
I'm writing a thing for GitHub Pages, so I decided to write a thing for GitHub Pages. Yaks all the way down!
(Jul 27, 2017)
I had the most amazing dream last night ...
(Jan 7, 2015)
Picking something stupid can break the log-jams.