(Nov 10, 2023)
I woke up this morning thinking about a very invidious, nay, odious, nay, heinous comparison.
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(Nov 7, 2023)
There are far more important things going on in the world than my Python programming.
(Jul 17, 2023)
I'll record here short notes on things that I may choose to write more about in the future, on social topics. I plan to update it from time to time, and to change the date, sometimes.
(Jun 8, 2023)
Some thoughts on the Alliance holding its conference in Florida, and on some surely well-intended remarks by their chairperson, on their blog.
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(Feb 26, 2023)
I feel the need to address intolerance, starting with two topics which I feel are related, "It's OK" and "Lives Matter".
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(Nov 27, 2022)
Events of the morning cause me to reflect on what the odd design of my Asteroids program might tell us about life in general. Turning social, a bit. Observing, not deciding.
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(Jul 18, 2022)
I have an idea for something that might be better. But that's not my reason for being here. (And should all ojbects be written for their own convenience? Yes, and ...)
(Jul 14, 2022)
In which our intrepid author takes on important notions while scarcely mentioning the actual topic at all, hoping to enlighten himself while offending no one. Tall order.
(Jul 12, 2022)
Oddly, I take as today's writing prompt, a strange tweet from a person of curious name.
(May 17, 2022)
This morning, I plan to write about COSMIC Function Points, Agile Practices, Civility, and Kindness. I can't wait to find out what I have to say.
(Apr 25, 2022)
I saw an interesting contagion-related graph on Twitter and decided to do something like it.
(Mar 14, 2022)
You'd think that software developers would realize that they are prone to error. Yet we are often more opinionated than we probably should be. Here's my opinion on that.
(Jan 21, 2022)
A Twitter exchange yesterday and today has given me today's topic. I love it when not having a plan comes together. (Hm. Societal impact is similar ...)
(Jan 12, 2022)
It's Wednesday. At last night's Friday Zoom Ensemble, we talked about Jam. I am inspired to put down some thoughts. Bottom line: On-line strawberry, not raspberry. (Updated, more links.
(Dec 24, 2021)
I didn't do the best possible thing in this morning's XST article. Here's what I think about that.
(Nov 25, 2021)
On this day of thanks, I'm moved to think about all the -isms that seem to plague us, and how to deal with them.
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(Aug 22, 2021)
Events in a few worlds lead me to write a few words about how we treat each other.
(Jul 28, 2021)
I think that today I'm going to write about joy. I have no idea where this goes. Walk with me ...
(Jun 15, 2021)
As often happens, this article didn't go where I expected. I hope you like where it went.
(Jan 15, 2021)
Some thoughts on the world as I see it today, in 2021, from my privileged vantage point as an old white guy in the USA.
(Oct 30, 2020)
I asked myself, and Twitter, a hard question the other day. Today, I'm going to try to answer it.
(Oct 10, 2020)
This morning, rather than toil over the scattered bodies of evil but admittedly cute space invaders, I'm minded to talk about privilege.
(Aug 27, 2020)
Some improvements. But first, a word about less technical matters, the book `x + y`, by Dr Eugenia Cheng.
(Jul 10, 2020)
I'm going to try to write today about social concerns. It would be easier to write about Asteroids, and I'm sure I'd be better at doing that.
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(Jun 1, 2020)
I need to say a bit about what's going on in the world today, and to confess how it's affecting me.
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(Oct 7, 2018)
I tweeted about the SCOTUS situation. Seems I need to make myself more clear.
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(Jul 11, 2018)
A discussion of my personal values in the light of way too many 'well-reasoned' but mistaken notions on diversity.
(Oct 2, 2017)
A blog on hiring for 'merit' has come across one of my input streams today, and I've decided to share a few thoughts on that subject.
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(Sep 26, 2017)
Some random thoughts on the times we are living through.
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(Jul 10, 2017)
In which a really fascinating little study piques our interest and suggests some thoughts. Please, I mean no harm here.
(May 25, 2017)
Some thoughts about kinds of people, kinds of words, and kinds of hair and clothing. We need to come together.
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(Oct 17, 2016)
Possibly not the best stance to take on, if you can manage it.
(Jun 11, 2015)
Anger Considered Unproductive
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(Jan 19, 2015)
Things will happen to us no matter what we do. That doesn't mean we can't influence what happens.
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(Jan 14, 2015)
Actions have consequences. It may be best to be OK with that.
(Sep 21, 2004)
To every Card, turn turn turn, there is a season, turn turn turn, and a time for every Suit under heaven. It's not the Suits, it's the Game.