I’m Ron Jeffries. Hot Needle of Inquiry is my blog. Its purpose, not necessarily well fulfilled, is to provide a place for off-topic, random, rant-like thoughts. It lived for a while, then kind of faded. I’m moved to get it going again, and to move some of the more interesting (?) articles from the old one back in as well.

As time goes on, I plan to bring its look and feel up to something a bit different from Wordpress standard. The main thing, of course, is to build content. I’ll try to do that.

I’m interested in feedback, especially regarding whether comments should be turned on, but also about anything useful you have on how to manage and maintain a Wordpress blog. To email me, write to ronjeffries at acm dot org and include [ron] as part of the subject.

About the title: Hot Needle of Inquiry was the name of a Kzinti star ship in the Known Universe series by Larry Niven.