This book includes some really excellent examples of pair programming sessions with XP superstars such as Chet Hendrickson and Paul Friedman. Author Ron Jeffries has chosen some great partners. It's too bad they couldn't be with him more often. (New note inside review.)


Extreme Programming Adventures in C#

Ron Jeffries programming

Modesty prohibits my saying what I really think about this unique and special book. Or maybe it isn’t modesty.

The book should have been called “Pair Programming with Ron”. It chronicles my adventures in learning C# while building an application. The idea was to do what XP teaches, delivering running tested software, from the very first days of an application, to the end, and to show what my pairs and I think about, what we encounter, what good things we do, what mistakes we make.

As such, the book is very episodic. Working often with Chet, sometimes with Paul Friedman, and often – unfortunately – alone, I built a simple XML editing application. Started simple, built tests, grew the program and so on. We even tried to trick ourselves by calling for “undo” after not planning for it. Well, I knew that would happen, but you can tell in the book that nothing went in ahead of time with undo as its purpose. Yet undo went in pretty well – though with some odd difficulties between the first implementation of undo and the last, which are chronicled.

Some of the chapters are up on this site, in the “Adventures in C#” series. And there are new chapters in the book, notably all the material relating to undo. The book is focused almost entirely on the XML app, so there are also some chapters on the site that are not in the book. Still, you get about 500 pages, which is a marvelous deal when you think about it.

The book ends with “sound bites”, allegedly pithy sayings or phrases that came up during the writing, each with a few paragraphs describing what they mean to me.

I hope you’ll get a copy, and if you like it, please put highly favorable reviews up on Amazon. If you don’t like it, keep it to yourself.