Chet and I are thinking of doing an app for iPhone / iPad. Can we do it on a shoestring? Advise us.

Well, the above mostly says what we’re up to. The idea will be to learn how to do it, write about how to do it, and, of course, have the app. We have questions, and we hope you’ll help with answers in the comments. What we do here will of course be part of what we ultimately write up as we go along.

Yes, this is a kind of upgraded LazyTwitter. If it’s an imposition, don’t help. That’s OK too.

We want to start on an absolute shoestring. We know we’ll wind up with $5000 or so in MacBooks and stuff but we want to start small. So …

  1. Chet has a PC that has dual-boot to a Mac OS. Can we develop and deploy on that, remoting to it with our Windows PCs, using VNC or equivalent?
  2. If we got a Mac Mini, could we develop and deploy on that with our Windows PCs, using VNC or equivalent?
  3. What else should we be considering, thinking about, learning, knowing?

Let the conversation begin! Thanks!