In this review, Extreme Programming Installed, Planning Extreme Programming, Extreme Programming Explained, The Humane Interface, and Adaptive Software Development.

Extreme Programming Installed

Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, Chet HendricksonModesty limits what we can say here. Unquestionably, however, this is the finest book so far by these three authors. XP Installed addresses the practical issues of running an XP project. Highly recommended, of course.

Planning Extreme Programming

Kent Beck, Martin FowlerKent and Martin focus here on the planning and management process of XP. Buy them all, own the complete set!.

Extreme Programming Explained

Kent BeckThis is it! The first official XP book, Kent's own manifesto explaining the thought and history behind the XP discipline. The whole site's about XP, I needn't go on here. The site wouldn't exist, I wouldn't be doing this, were it not for Kent's "turning all the knobs up to ten" with XP.

The Humane Interface

Jef RaskinJef Raskin has written a wonderful and thought-provoking book on human factors. He starts with a clean slate and shows how products can be easier to learn and use.


Adaptive Software Development

Jim Highsmith

Is your project just too big or too complex for XP? Check out Jim’s excellent book on how to bring lighter methods to large and complex projects.