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by Neal StephensonComplex and interesting novel relating World War II Enigma cryptography with modern-day Web technology. Excellent writing as always, good story. Long.
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Mindstar Rising

by Peter F. Hamilton, R. WoodmanAn SF detective / adventure novel. Nearly cyberpunk in style. Hamilton does a really good job in my opinion.
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A Quantum Murder

by Peter F. Hamilton, R. WoodmanThe sequel to Mindstar Rising. The thing I like about this series is that the good guys win conclusively. Escapist, I told you.
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Triplanetary : A Tale of Cosmic Adventure (Smith, E. E. History of Civilization, V. 1.)

by E. E. SmithThe Lensman series is being reprinted this year, by Old Earth Books. This original space opera, copyright 1948, was one of the old SF novels that set me on the road to technology as a profession. Not to mention righting the wrongs of the universe through superior mental power.
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First Lensman (Smith, E. E. History of Civilization, V. 2.)

by E. E. SmithThis is the second volume in the series ... there are four more coming out this year. Great vintage stuff if you can stand the old space opera style.