There are many sites devoted to XP and related topics. If you know of one that should be included here,please email.

Ward’s Wiki

There’s lots of XP-related material, great patterns stuff, and many other discussions on Ward Cunningham’s wiki. Start at, and find the XP material starting at

Don Wells has a “gentle introduction” to XP, and lots of other good material on his site. Also check out Don’s great XP links.

Object Mentor

Object Mentor is the home of the famous XP Immersion course, and a number of good friends and teachers.

A site promoting “techniques, tools, and general good will in the test-driven community”. Jeff Miller, Eric Vautier, David Vydra.

Methods and Tools

Free e-newsletter providing practical knowledge for software development professionals.


XPdeveloper is a UK-based group focused on learning XP by doing.


XP-France is the French association devoted to XP.


Calgary Agile Methods Users Group

XP-Columbus, OH

Columbus XP Group. Monthly meetings!


Japanese mailing list devoted to XP.


Swedish XP wiki.


Swiss XP / Agile site. Articles mainly in French.


This site written in Russian, contains Extreme programming materials only. There are separate sections for brand-new pracitioners and professionals; theory pages; articles; software. In the future there will be books and XP-quiz sections.

Extreme Programming Brasil

EXTREME PROGRAMMING BRASIL, primeiro congresso brasileiro de metodologias ?is de software.


You guessed it! China.

XP-Ireland NEW

Yep, Ireland. XP-oriented yahoo group.


Dutch XP user group, text largely in Dutch.

Extreme Programming Mailing List

Object Mentor started this list and keeps it ad-free. It’s run, however, by an unruly mob of XP enthusiasts, students, and critics. Very active. Enter your email address and push the button.

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