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Design Thinking: There's this notion of "encapsulation" that I've heard about. And "cohesion"?

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(Nov 29, 2023)
Design Thinking: There's this notion of "encapsulation" that I've heard about. And "cohesion"?
(Nov 28, 2023)
What general notions might we draw from the past few days' work? What do you see that I do not?
(Nov 27, 2023)
We'll review the saucer code and improve it.
(Nov 27, 2023)
Saucer is still too complicated. I had an idea yesterday at close of session: a helper class!
(Nov 26, 2023)
Drilling down was useful, I think, but let's take a look around for new code signs. We wind up working on names. Again.
(Nov 25, 2023)
I think I see something that would improve the InvaderGroup logic. Let's find out.
(Nov 24, 2023)
Let's have a look at the new code for invaders and edges, see what it's telling us, and do something about those hundred-plus calls. Bear bites man. Man survives.
(Nov 23, 2023)
I promised to throw this spike away and do it over. Can we talk about this? Includes words like 'folderol' and 'bugaboo'.
(Nov 22, 2023)
Let's try a spike that may lead to an improved version of our invader fleet logic. I promise to throw it away.
(Nov 22, 2023)
A very strange session. Two hours of reading and thinking, one very simple change adding an enum, no major improvement. Wasted? Or valuable? I'm not sure yet.
(Nov 21, 2023)
I propose to identify and discuss the things I see in code, what they make me think, and perhaps a bit about what I might do about them. This does not go as I expected.
(Nov 20, 2023)
I've run into a small issue with the Sounds object. I think I have a solid idea for it.
(Nov 18, 2023)
I want to muse today about Small Steps and how they affect me. I owe GeePaw Hill a pat on his cute little head for helping me focus on them.
(Nov 17, 2023)
Working on sound, we encounter an interesting refactoring, done in a very zen-like fashion. Small steps, add duplication until it resolves. This was really quite nice.
(Nov 16, 2023)
I have a somewhat more expressive way to, well, express what we did yesterday. Do we prefer it? Let's find out. Short, and sweet.
(Nov 15, 2023)
I propose to remove some if statements today. Why might we do that? Do we like the result? Readers may disagree. I might even disagree with myself.
(Nov 14, 2023)
I'm pleased that Invaders has been implemented without framework changes. And I see what I think is a desirable change. I learn otherwise.
(Nov 13, 2023)
I want to talk today about Programming by Intention, a notion I learned from Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.
(Nov 10, 2023)
I woke up this morning thinking about a very invidious, nay, odious, nay, heinous comparison.
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(Nov 9, 2023)
Seeking something to do, I'm back on my Invaders [DELETED] again. I do tidying. It comes down to joy.