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I know it's a sin, but I've been trying a chatbot in conjunction with programming. Here's a brief report.

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(May 8, 2024)
I know it's a sin, but I've been trying a chatbot in conjunction with programming. Here's a brief report.
(May 3, 2024)
During our FGNO Zoom session, Ken brought up an interesting little problem. Let's play with it a bit. Gets a bit long, but it's really pretty light work. Fun effort, meant as such.
(Apr 25, 2024)
I'm not sure I'm done with this XST experiment, but I've come to some conclusions that I want to set down. Having done that, maybe I'll know what to do next.
(Apr 24, 2024)
Recent conversations give me to think about the nature of things, and our roles in this system we live in. I want to share some of those thoughts.
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(Apr 18, 2024)
Changing the rules a bit, yesterday, limits the richest player to around twice the starting amount. But are there still permanent winners and losers?
(Apr 17, 2024)
Bruce Onder appears with an interesting idea. It does make a difference.
(Apr 1, 2024)
Here's what my little simulation makes me think. Reflect upon the ideas of Richard Skelton and Robert Fitzooth. And maybe upon mine as well.
(Apr 1, 2024)
Let's clean up this code just a bit and then draw some conclusions about programming a thing like this. Clickbait: The technical conclusions are not what I thought they would be.
(Mar 30, 2024)
We recover quickly from a mistake last night, and get a nice histogram. I'm surely reading too much into this little simulation. Or am I?
(Mar 29, 2024)
Let's tune this thing up a bit. And let's try to avoid momentum calculations. P.S. The rich get richer.
(Mar 27, 2024)
I've been pecking away at the little simulation. Here's a report on status. We get some early results: the rich get richer.
(Mar 27, 2024)
"The rich get richer." I propose to pivot to implement a simple but interesting simulation. A good start after the usual trouble creating a new PyCharm project.
(Mar 26, 2024)
Mistakes? Technical Debt? Better ideas? All the above?
(Mar 25, 2024)
OK with that out of my system, what shall we code today? It goes so nicely, until oops.
(Mar 25, 2024)
I'm not out of ideas, but I am out of directions, and my momentum is low. What shall I do?
(Mar 23, 2024)
The swirl that is my life leads me to think about duplicates and such. Very speculative musings, no conclusion. Sort of Captain's Log Stardate 77691.1.
(Mar 21, 2024)
The statistics code is much better now. But a little widget might be just the thing. Turns into a medium-sized widget, but I think it's an improvement.
(Mar 21, 2024)
The statistics code runs, but is written in 1960's style—yes, I DO know what 1960's code looks like—and needs improvement. An interesting series of events with a fine result.
(Mar 20, 2024)
Commonly, when we group data by some criteria, we desire summary information about the groups: counts, totals, averages, and so on. We take a couple of nice steps before my brain is fried.
(Mar 19, 2024)
Yesterday's experiment with `group_by` seemed very successful. What does it tell us about what we're doing and what we should be doing? Bit of a retrospective.